Friday, 14 August 2009

Nine days to go

- Went out for a lunch invitation at an Egyptian colleague's house. By house I mean a duplex. She's got a beautiful place in a quiet neighbourhood.
It was all females except her husband. He's a ... a ... hmmm.. nice? no .. quiet? .. not sure .. old? not too old, he's only 52. After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, a conversation somehow started by him asking each one of us what her sign was. Well, excuse me, but this is really one of my least favorite subjects. So, let's say I switched off, although tried to show some interest out of politeness. I just don't see the point of analyzing people based on their signs to know how to deal with them or to decide not to deal with them.

Anyways! So he's 52 and she's 35. Seventeen years of difference? They both said they don't feel it and I do believe them because she's happy. The interesting part was that they met, got engaged and got married in 21 days. Yes, three weeks to make that decision when she was 31 years old. She admits it was crazy, but good crazy. 'It was meant to be,' she said.

So, after lunch, we sat in the living room as the husband went into the TV room to watch football. That makes it:
me and the hostess, (you already know about us),
an engaged 27-year-old girl who was on the phone for most of the gathering (fighting with her fiance or with the tailor),
a 35-year-old girl who thinks men are all "b&^%$#@*" (I insisted she had an issue with Egyptian men and told her she should come to the US where I'll try get her an American, she agreed),
a divorced woman who thinks her marriage failure is her responsibility as well (wrong choice and rushed marriage), and
a 31-year-old British girl who was trying hard to catch up with the loud laughter and gossip of Egyptian women.
In the background there was the maid in the kitchen, enjoying our conversation.

We talked about, well, men, of course, marriage, relationships, and people at work. There wasn't a lot of dirty talk in there, since we were not best friends. Just slight allusions with everyone laughing out loud every now and then.

- I keep thinking about the trillion things I'd like to do in NYC. I just don't know where to start. I also hope that the Egyptian educational system hasn't left too terrible of an effect on me that I end up spending more than 85% of my stay there working or studying. I honestly think I've spent enough time of my life looking at coursebooks and it's about time I started doing more of the things I've never done. I know, I know ... I'm on a scholarship, but that's how I feel now. What's wrong with a B?! Does it always have to be an A??!! I think a B plus more personal experience is worth the A. Don't you think so too?

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