Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Receiving a phone call from a number you don't know at 10.45 pm on your mobile phone as an Egyptian female is something that a family like mine is not used to. However, they stopped expecting me to say who was phoning 'late' after a small to-do that once took place.

- Hello?
- Hi. Did you post an e-mail selling some books?
- Yes.
- I wanted to ask about 'Fe-mail'. Is it good?
Voice not clear.
- It's in a great condition. Like new.
- I mean is it good as a book?
- I did enjoy it. It's written by an Egyptian called Amy telling her experience as an Egyptian female. I found it interesting.
- How much are you selling it for?
- I think LE 15, bought for LE 50.
- Do you speak Arabic?
- I do.
- Ana Amy.
- What do you mean? You're Amy Mowafi?
- Yes, my friends forwarded me your number from the e-mail you sent out. They're teasing me because you're selling my book.
- Well, it's good to receive your call. Tell your friends I've read the book and enjoyed it but I can't take all my books while travelling.
- I will. It's just funny .... (voice not clear. I could only recognize her laughter)
- Well, Amy. I'm so happy you phoned. I could relate to many things in your book. You've got style as well. Keep up the good work.

In the book, she talks about her life. She was once married when very young and she got divorced. The book ends as she meets a nice guy. I remembered all this when she hung up. I wanted to know how it went with Mr Romantic who took her on a trip to Morocco.

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