Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Four days to go

- It's been three days now since my brother has has started saying 'I'll miss you.' He doesn't say it in a tear provoking way, but rather smilingly with a push, a hit, a pinch, a spank, or even a kick. He would keep asking why on earth I was chosen for a grant worth a fortune and what good the committee saw in me although I'm a good-for-nothing-else nerd. I had to disagree with him and tried to convince him with my other perosnal merits, saying that at least he should be grateful I exist because I was the reason why he was exempted from the army service (which he didn't want to do). He responded to this by carrying me in a way I couldn't move at all.

- I've been trying to focus on things I need to keep in mind. A bit overwhelming, but I believe things will be OK and I won't forget too many crucial things, such as taking my ticket.

- I went through my CD's. Wow.. years fly by. I found photos of my cousins and I two years ago. All feels like yesterday.

- I received an e-mail from an ex-student/friend who offered to meet me at the airport. She's saving my life but she doesn't know it, I guess.

- I took a nap this afternoon. When I woke up, boys from my street had hung Ramadan decorations: shiny strips of paper tied to long strong thread and hanging like zigzags between balconies. Only an hour ago, they turned on the 23 lamps (my mom's count) hanging in the middle of the street. It took my breath away. I have many special memories in Ramadan, whether good or bad, they're all special to me and have meanings.

- I'm starting to have butterflies in my stomach, but still know things are going to be alright.

- Reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Interesting book and easy read. I could relate to her in many things but hope I won't have to spend a year travelling to four different countries in order to find my soul and get in touch with God. I hope I could do that traveling inside my room in New York City or in the eyes and faces of people I'll meet.


Anne said...

Kholkhal, it's Annie! (Ach... sorry, voice from 13 months ago... I had a shameful correspondence record last year, but I've been thinking about you a lot!) Are you still in NY? So is there a new blog where we can read about your adventures? Pllleeeaaassse?

I hope my people are being good to you :)

kiran said...

I was looking for you on Facebook and didn't find you.
I have been watching the recent events in Egypt and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I hope Egypt gets a better and free-er government. that all of you deserve better.

kholkhal said...

Hey Kiran,

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. We definitely need that at the moment. We've had enough corruption, suppression, and poverty.

It's chaotic back home, but we're hoping it's going to get better soon.

kiran said...

I have been watching the news intently. Day and night. I have missed some sleep. I made many friends when I was there.
I am watching with hope upon hope that you will indeed get a government that is less corrupt and better for Egyptians..

I am hopeful, because of what I have seen. I see women out there protesting, unafraid of the crowd and that gives me hope.
And I have seen that the thugs who are doing the looting and who desecrated the museum are from the government not from those demanding liberty.

Still I fear that the Moslem brotherhood will take power, or some socialists will take power and further reduce freedom. And make worse the economy.

But through it all, I believe it is not any business of my government to involve itself in the choice of the Egyptian people.

And I also hope that even if the people chose a wrong government, that now they know that they can change their government when they want to, and that the government can't stop them if they really want to change it.

I hope your family and loved ones are safe.