Saturday, 15 August 2009

Eight days to go

- Nothing much today. I had a dentist appointment. I wanted to make sure no major issues will come up as soon as I land. It always happens to me, especially when I don't have dental insurance. I've always gone to this dentist. Let's say he's one of the people I completely trust with my health. He was working and I, as usual, manage to get my message across. I gestured 'book' with my hands and he understood I was asking about the book he once told me he was planning to get published.
'Oh, the book? A couple of friends in the national security police took a look and told me it won't get published and would definitely get me into trouble.'
A year ago, he told me that his book was titled 'Egypt: where and where to' and I remember giving him that look to which he replied, 'I know'.

- I went to a shopping street in Heliopolis. I need a purse. I know, I have what you might think is too many, but I really use one or two of them. I'm giving the rest away. Hopefully it will make that girl happy and ease the peer pressure at university. I've been there.

- One thing I'll never cease to enjoy is taking rides with my brother. He's such a cool company and a great driver. Plus, he always treats me to something for the ride; cappuccino and cookies, ice-cream, a slice of cake, a 7-up can, chewing gum, juice, .. anything ,.. just anything he'd bring will make me smile or even laugh the moment he leaves the shop till her reaches the car. I'll miss that for two years. Maybe more??!

- I haven't bought the gifts for my cousin and his wife, an ex-student, and three friends. I haven't gone through the books I need to take with me. I haven't given time for the things I'll remember last minute. I haven't given time to the family good-bye tour I'll have to make! I haven't bought the medicine I might need there. In Egypt, You can walk into a pharmacy and say 'I need vitamin tablets, a 500 mg anti-biotic, a flu medicine, a bottle of cough syrup, and a deodorant' and you'll get all of them easier than you'd get a loaf of bread at the supermarket. I know it's not the case in the US!

Oh, when am I going to start doing all this? Probably while the airplane is being checked for take-off. Don't worry, I'm good at deadlines. That's how I got the scholarship.

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