Monday, 14 April 2008

On my List

Things I’ve been planning to start trying the possibility of the idea that I could one day be able to do are to

1- say no more often and wear high heels more often
2- get less angry with traffic in Cairo
3- try move my #$%^ and go to the gym
4- be less observant of the way Egyptian women behave and talk
5- do things rather than spending the time listing them
6- reverse without drawing a zigzag on the asphalt
7- listen longer to my aunt when she talks about her daughters
8- start drinking coffee for its taste rather than its smell
9- enjoy being a woman and quit wishing I were a guy
10- remember names more easily
11- stop wondering why men hassle girls on the streets of Cairo
12- put 30 liters of gas instead of 15 because I’ll add 15 more the day after anyway
13- stop writing a blog entry every time I’m swamped with work or study
14- pretend I didn’t hear someone judge people
15- buy myself flowers when I want to
16- either stop rocking when I daydream or start enjoying it
17- stop smelling clothes before putting them on
18- never smile when I lie and remember the lie later
19- stop pretending to be a camel and get thirsty sometimes
20- start realizing that I am actually Egyptian